Delivery Problems: If there's an issue with your flower order or it's not delivered correctly due to our fault, we'll re-deliver the products for free. Once an order is dispatched or delivered, refunds won't be provided.

Returns for Add-On Products: If you're unhappy with any additional items, you can exchange them by returning the original, unopened, and undamaged product. Please note, without returning the original item, exchanges won't be possible (shipping fees may apply).

Incorrect Deliveries: If our driver delivers to the wrong address or the wrong item is delivered, we'll send an apology gift and arrange to deliver the correct items to the right address.
Order Form Errors: We're not accountable for errors resulting from incorrect information submitted on the order form.

Order Cancellation: Unfortunately, canceled orders won't receive refunds, but we can provide a voucher for the purchase value if the order hasn't been shipped. This is due to the administrative work involved and potential additional costs incurred.
Claims Timeframe: Any issues with products must be reported within 24 hours of delivery to be addressed.

Responsibility for Delivery Details: We cannot take responsibility for errors in delivery dates, addresses, delivery acceptance, or the selection of business/hospital addresses after the cutoff time.

Contact Information: For inquiries, please contact us via email or during business hours through our live chat +61 493 495 088. Our business is registered in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.